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Reason to Contact

Top 12 Reasons to Contact Your CPA During the Year

  1. Changing your marital status.
  2. Buying, selling or exchanging real property (land or building); this includes converting your residence to a rental.
  3. Making gifts to any one person totaling $14,000 or more in any one year.
  4. Taking out a loan using your home or other real property as security.
  5. Going into business for yourself.
  6. Expecting a significant change (increase or decrease) in your income, deductions and/or withholdings.
  7. Making charitable contributions of appreciated property, or making charitable contributions that exceed 25% of your gross taxable income.
  8. Changing jobs or retiring.
  9. Drawing from, or rolling over, your retirement plan or IRA.
  10. Setting up a KEOGH, SEP or SIMPLE Retirement Plan.
  11. Estate Planning.
  12. Discussing ways to reduce income taxes.